Global Low Latency Cache for Dynamic Content in Your Serverless Applications

Edge Cache is launching a private beta soon.

Edge Cache uses over 100 edge locations around the world close to your customers to provide faster access to your data.

Edge Cache provides easy to use REST API to access your data. All values are also encrypted for higher security.

Edge Cache provides free tier and affordable pay per-request pricing.

What is Edge Cache?

Edge Cache is an extension to your CDN that provides fast access to your application's static content. Edge Cache is meant to be used for the dynamic content in the Jamstack and Serverless world.

Often when you need a storage layer for your application there are going to be difficult decisions to be made. Even serverless global databases like DynamoDB does not provide that good latency and needs work to set up properly. Firestore is multi-regional meaning it can't be deployed to different continents. Traditional databases are also difficult to set up for global replication. Edge Cache is the solution to provide fast access to your data across continents.

Edge Cache provides REST API to read, write and invalidate your cache data whenever your data changes in your database.

Edge Cache is eventually consistent. Changes are immediately visible in the edge location at which they are made and propagates to other edge locations after some seconds.

More information coming soon.

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